FoxWood Developments (London) Inc. Projects in the Works

FoxWood Developments (London) Inc. finds development opportunities in London, ON and beyond. This division of the company also invests in the properties and gets the ball rolling so the building phase can begin. It is currently successfully developing FoxHaven and FoxWood Meadows in London and BrydgeView in Fort Erie.

London Development

History of FoxWood Meadows

The FoxWood Meadow lands were annexed into the City of London in 1993. The property was at that time zoned agricultural and its use was a dairy farm. The Municipal Council of the City of London approved the FoxHollow community plan.

In July 2009 FoxWood Meadow became part of that approval. The dairy farm use stayed in place until 2012, which is when the city draft approved the FoxWood Meadows draft plan of the subdivision. Included in the draft plan approval was the designation of part of the easterly portions of the lands as open space and lands for stormwater management ponds.

Housing Development Opportunity Comes Into Focus

The remaining land — approximately 120 acres — is designated as areas of low density, medium density, and high density. These areas are zoned for residential use, 2 areas are designated for school and residential use.

FoxWood Developments (London) Inc. Develops Medium Density Residential & Dual Use Blocks

The FoxWood Meadows development is planned to occur in 4 phases. Phase 1: registered plan 33M685, consisting of 95 single family lows, one high density residential Block, one medium density residential block, and one dual zoned, medium density/school block is already in place. The 95 single family lots were sold to 2 builders — house construction is well underway.

FoxWood Building Corporation is developing the medium density blocks as “FoxHaven Townhomes.”



Fort Erie Development



To learn more about our projects and find out about other development opportunities thatFoxWood Developments (London) Inc. is pursuing, please give us a call at 519-474-4663 today.