FoxWood Building Corporation Personnel

James (Jimmy) Hebb – Former President

Jim worked with the owners of FoxWood Developments (London) Inc. initially as a consultant to develop the former Stanton Farmstead. Through Jim’s dedication and extensive experience, the FoxWood Meadow’s Subdivision became reality. Later on Jim was asked to become president of both FoxWood Developments (London) Inc. and FoxWood Building Corporation. Jim shared his passion for new development and residential building construction with his staff and working associates until his untimely passing in March of 2017. Jim’s inspiration and dedication will be sadly missed by all who came into contact with him.


Dan Aarts —  Vice President of Business Development

Dan has nearly 30 years experience in many aspects of the construction industry.  He grew up from a young age following his father around construction sites.  In college, he studied architecture and from there enhanced his design skills with additional on-site experience.  He has taken his knowledge and experience and developed it into many leadership roles throughout the years.  Dan is also actively involved in his hometown as a volunteer Firefighter.  Dan oversees all aspects of FoxWood Building Corporation from design to site construction, to sales and service.

Naishi Chai – Vice President of Finance

Naihi Chai joined Foxwood as the VP of Finance. He is a valuable senior manager within the company and prior to being brought on in his current role, he contributed to acquisition, funding and budgetary management for Foxwood since 2015. 

With over 15 years of experience in real estate investment all over the world, Mr. Chai has brought wealth of knowledge and subsequently implemented company policies to allocate resources, prepared budgets for projects and provided cost control and analysis.


Jenny Butler — In-house Sales Representative

Jenny’s outgoing and caring nature will set you at ease the moment you meet her.  Her concern for your best interests are always evident in working with everyone she meets.  Whether you are just inquiring for a future home or ready to make a purchase, she will make you feel comfortable & confident with the largest investment in your life.



At FoxWood Building Corporation we will provide every customer up to 4 hours of “professional” design time with Danielle Saunders to custom tailor your new home to meet your own needs.

Danielle Saunders — Interior Designer

As an active member of the London Design community for almost a decade, Danielle Saunders is a respected and knowledgeable designer. She is well known for her level of service and consistently works toward exceeding clients’ expectations.

With so many decisions to be made when building a new home, Danielle is there to walk you through the entire process. Whether it’s selecting paint finishes or working on the ultimate master bedroom, Danielle doesn’t take for granted that she has the opportunity to help someone create a space they can be proud of.

Danielle’s design sensibilities are synonymous with a timeless aesthetic and fresh approach to common design dilemmas. At the end of the day, her goal is to assist a homeowner in creating a space that reflects their own and their family’s character.

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FoxWood Building Corporation is successful because of our skilled, dedicated staff. From management to consultant, each member of our team is vital to our company’s performance. To learn more about our staff, company, or services, please call us at 519-474-4663 or fill out and submit the form today!